Missouri Center for the Book-Ozarks Chapter


Washington, D. C. September 24, 2016

FLAGS OVER AMERICA is the Missouri Center for the Book selection representing our state at this year’s ever-popular National Book Festival.  The author and illustrator of the book, Cheryl Harness, has been a friend of the MCB and Missouri readers for many years, particularly young readers.  

Every flag tells a story. Whether it’s a scrap of cloth tied to a stick or an elaborate banner, people have used flags to announce themselves, identify their lands, and display their beliefs. Award-winning author and illustrator Cheryl Harness brings to life a picture book history of flags focusing on the United States’ revolutionary beginnings, from liberty poles to the legendary “Star-Spangled Banner” that flew over Fort McHenry in 1814.

Cheryl’s work is unfailing inspiring and we are proud to know her Flags Over America are flying high over our nation’s capital!

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